“Networking is an essential part of building wealth”. It is a process of establishing a relationship with potential networkers. There’s an obvious reason the world’s most successful business leaders are also incredible at building relationships. They network wherever they go. The same way, you have to find social networking opportunities because meeting people in person is still the best way to network.

The best and most meaningful networking often takes place in venues that are earmarked for such purposes.

I have put together the top 10 networking hotspots that successful networkers have found especially effective.

  1. PROFESSIONAL ORGANISATIONS: This is by far the most effective networking venue. Your active participation will maximise networking opportunities.
  2. CHARITY & FUNDRAISING EVENTS: Such events can be a huge boon to people relocating to a new area. They can put you on a fast track to meeting important people.
  3. CIVIC & COMMUNITY GROUPS: Your local civic associations such as the Lions Clubs, Rotary Club are just a few of the community groups where networking is possible.
  4. GOLF COURSE: Playing golf helps you cement your contacts in a relaxed atmosphere. It’s a way to cement your contacts in a relaxed atmosphere which will further help in building business relationships.
  5. CHAMBER OF COMMERCE: Chambers frequently sponsor leadership classes that are great not only for networking, but also for professional development.
  6. THE FAVOURITE WATERING HOLES FOR YOUR DREAM COMPANY/ INDUSTRY: If there’s a company you’re looking for an opportunity with, you need to find where the company’s denizens hang – their favourite bars, restaurants etc.
  7. CONTINUING EDUCATION PROGRAMS: Rapid changes in the workplace mean that advanced degrees are desirable for many professionals. You therefore have the added advantage of networking with those who know your field the best.
  8. ALUMNI CLUBS, REUNIONS: People’s natural inclination is to do business with people with whom they have common bonds. If you can’t find alumni groups, make it a point to return to your alma mater for reunions whenever possible.
  9. ON-LINE DISCUSSION GROUPS: You need to look out for online discussion groups that centre on your professional and personal interests.
  10. WEB-BASED NETWORKS: A number of sites available on the Web enable you to locate people with common interests who may even be able to help your career.


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Ankush Patel