Gregg Oldfield

CEO at Engage Digital Partners

Ankush has high quality network contacts and a seasoned eye for monetizing opportunity which have been useful while mapping out Endemol Sport’s strategy for India. Ankush is a very diligent worker who is fully committed to delivering a high quality product. He successfully co-ordinated the launch of a new sports entertainment project pan-India with Endemol Sport. He’s a pleasure to work with.

Adam Valkin

Managing Director at General Catalyst

Ankush is a hard-charging and ambitious business executive with a strong work ethic. Ankush in also analytical and articulate and is well respected by his colleagues. He is a particularly asset in the media industry where he possesses a rounded skill set covering the details of television production, in-show interactivity, online media and commercial partnerships. He is also very well connected in the Indian market and introduced the global team to many key local players there.

Anupam Mittal

Founder & CEO at People Group

I have known Ankush since October 2004. He approached me to be a strategic investor into his content company. The company ran successfully for 3 years from 2004 to 2007 with a positive EBITDA from Year 1 with top quality clients as Star and Sony. BUT due to a split-crisis (on which I would not like to stress), we had to stop operations and merge the company into our movie production company. It was during this crisis that Ankush proved that he has a very high level of maturity, a high level of integrity and a calm with which he tided the crisis over – “At Zero Cost to Company”. He is a solid professional to have on your side during any crisis.
He would be one of few people with extensive experience in business building in the media and content space. With recognition as one of few Youtube MCNs globally under his belt, it looks like an interesting journey for him

Sivakumar Sundaram

President Revenue – The Times of India Group

It is a great pleasure to make this formal recommendation for Ankush Patel, who played a key role in the Brand Capital business (formerly known as The Private Treaties) of The Times of India Group by providing key strategic inputs in its formative years. Ankush’s domain expertise in the areas of finance, accounting, legal and strategy were some of the key inputs he brought to the Brand Capital business as also in the additional role he played shaping the Corporate office of the Vice Chairman of The Times of India Group. I have known Ankush for about 4-5 years as a part his role in The Times organization as detailed above and have been in touch with his professional achievements at Endemol where he subsequently moved.
Ankush is self motivated, diligent, hard working and consistently produces high quality output. He has demonstrated incredible initiative, a strong work ethic and a dedication to succeed. As part of his assignment in Brand Capital, Ankush has worked hard to build relationships with the investment fraternity be it PE investors, Investment Bankers and the start up as well as Mid size entrepreneurial eco system. He has played a key role in identifying, selecting and close some key deals in team Brand Capital. 
I have been impressed with his professional approach, diligence and most of all his enthusiasm. His ability to understand and grow the complex Brand Capital business as well as conceptualize the Corporate office are his key achievements during his tenure with BCCL group. Ankush is a good team player, has strong interpersonal skills, his easygoing nature and engaging personality has enabled him to network extensively within the group and with the relevant industry circles. He is a good manager and has demonstrated his leadership skills in developing and motivating the Corporate team at BCCL. He has strong presentation skills and is able to articulate and express an idea to Peers / superiors in a compelling manner to obtain all round buy-ins.Our best wishes in all his career endeavors and we shall be happy to re-hire Ankush should an opportunity arise and he expresses an interest to re-join the group.

Joy Bhattacharja

CEO Professional Volleyball League at Baseline Ventures India Pvt. Ltd

Ankush led the Engage Sports India team to close the contract with Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR). He built an interesting revenue model which enables the creation of content (linear and bespoke), leveraging this revenue to develop Youtube and other digital media destinations for KKR. Red Chillies and KKR are very proud of the documentary series being telecast for Discovery in India and internationally. Ankush brings strong commercial intellect and entertainment program maturity to the sports industry which will enable Engage Sports Media to establish market leadership. I see in him an ability to network and build personal relationships of trust, not only vertically but also across. It is a rare combination which will stand him in good stead and I will definitely do business with him going forward.

Sanjay Reddy

New Media Entrepreneur, Media Professional, Film/TV Producer & Actor

I have now known Ankush since 2008 when he met with me at Zee. Over a period of time, we have done business together and have gotten to know each other better. Besides being amiable, he is amongst the top professionals in terms of cailbre, team spirit and detail to his work. 
He is quite strong in his analytical and quantitative skills which makes him invaluable as an investor in the communications/social-media industry especially, since he has re-skilled himself and managed his sports media company to become Youtube’s sole sports MCN in the APAC & EMEA. Ankush has helped Endemol Group and Engage Sports Media get ahead in India. Good resource to have by your side when you are looking at entering India and planning strategy.

Karthik B. Reddy

Blume Ventures – Reimaging Startup Financing

Ankush had a deep understanding of the Media and Entertainment sectors and having had an entrepreneurial stint, understood the challenges and opportunities equally well in this sector in India. He also had a balance of how best to leverage new media/social media alongside traditional print and television ideas. I enjoyed working with him and hope it had lasted much longer since we had plenty of ideas that we wanted to implement in our team at the Times Group.

Deepayan Sen

Head Leasing and Real Estate at Awfis Space Solutions Private Limited

I remember getting a cold call from Ankush and then, he consistently following up with me to ensure that the deal happened while being a tough negotiator. His model was unique for co-working spaces where there is restricted entry only to businesses with deep pockets. Our company has since JV partnered with Ankush when he started up with his unique model in co-working spaces. We, AWFIS management, supported his unique idea in that we saw the growth of a potential long term partner whom we could rely upon. I conjecture he has uniquely poised himself to grow with/without us. He is definitely a good person to keep on direct dial. He is determinedly focused on the P&L and product mix in ensuring that his start-up entered the realm of black. Above all, he has clearly mastered the art of working with disparate teams to working towards fair solutions in tough situations. All start-ups have troughs but he can be relied upon to get out at the crest as well. Hope his start-up goes places.

Manish Acharya

Lawyer, MBA, Business Strategist.

Ankush and I have worked together on several assignments for his clients since about 2016.An astute professional, Ankush has impressed me with his knowledge of cross-border business issues, both commercial and legal. Ankush is adept at simplifying complex matters and designing effective solutions for his clients – this expertise stems from his ability to think from the first principles and from his willingness to question the status quo. Ankush’s commitment to his clients’ cause has been evident to me on more than one occasion where, in near-crisis situations, he has taken charge and applied himself resolutely to achieve successful outcomes in the face of formidable odds.
It has been a delight to work alongside Ankush and his team, and I wish them continuing success!

Ankush Patel