Have you ever wondered who all should be a part of your network?

It has been said that your potential network consists of all the people you already know and everyone you’ve yet to meet. The people who can best contribute to your network of contacts fall into several categories. These are people who can

  • Give you advice, information or referrals to additional contacts.
  • Tell you about specific networking opportunities.
  • Introduce you to people you have been wanting to network with.

The key to networking successfully is being willing to provide information to everyone in return. Do you know who would be a part of your career network? Below are the best possible contacts that can give you better access to your closest opportunity.

  1. Members of professional organisation
  2. Your past or present co-workers
  3. Business associates, such as customers, clients, vendors and suppliers
  4. People you admire in your field
  5. Real estate agents, financial advisers and others.
  6. Family
  7. Friends you’re in touch with regularly
  8. Old friends, such as college buddies with whom you see infrequently
  9.  Members of your religious community
  10. Fellow volunteers
  11. Informational Interviewees
  12. Neighbours
  13. Your kids friends parents
  14. Your mentor(s)
  15. The people you play with (Whether it is golf, softball or even jogging)Well, the consensus among networking experts is that 250 contacts is a good goal to shoot for. Does that mean you should feel inadequate if your network comes nowhere close near that number? Of course not!


    To start just sit down and brain storm a list of everyone you know who might be a helpful network contact. Open your mind to as many people as possible. Don’t rule out anyone at this point. List the names down. You can then get in touch with these contacts based on preference or how well you know them. While some would be just a phone call away, you would want to get in touch with the others through emails. Use whatever motivation works for you, but set a goal.

Ankush Patel